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The 'Lamb of the land' Cawl, our take on what some say is the ‘true’ traditional Cawl. At its core lies succulent Welsh lamb, celebrating the robust flavours of the Welsh countryside. The richness of the lamb is brought to life by the balanced blend of root vegetables, including leeks, carrots, potatoes, swede, and parsnip. 

The distinctive charm of this Cawl lies in the fusion of indigenous components and a recipe handed down from generation to generation. Through patient simmering, the ingredients harmonise, creating a broth that is both robust and savoury. The lamb, renowned for its tender quality, imparts a depth of flavour that resonates with the culinary traditions of Wales.

Beyond its exquisite taste, this dish serves as a tribute to Welsh agriculture, embracing sustainable and seasonal eating. The reliance on locally procured lamb and vegetables reflects a deep connection to the land. Whether shared as a familial feast or taken with you on your next adventure. Offering a comforting experience that transcends time and heritage.

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