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Cawl & Co embarks on a flavorful mission – bringing the essence of Wales's national dishes to the masses while paying homage to heritage foods. The inspiration struck during a leisurely country walk in Wales, where Lisa, from Y Sied, unveiled the challenge her team faced. Despite the soaring demand for Cawl, this cherished Welsh delight was absent from supermarket shelves.


A conversation sparked, and the realisation dawned – if not us, then who? Founded on the undeniable connection between a mother and son who share a deep love for Cawl, Cawl & Co emerged to bridge the gap in the market.


Cawl, a time-honoured staple enjoyed across Wales for centuries, deserved a place in every household. The decision was clear: Cawl & Co would be the beacon for bringing this culinary tradition to the forefront. A trio of signature soups – Ham, Lamb, and Vegetable Barley Cawl – were crafted with dedication, echoing the timeless recipes of Mamgu.


Join us on this delectable journey as Cawl & Co strives to make the flavours of Wales accessible to all, one satisfying bowl of Cawl at a time. It's more than a business; it's a celebration of tradition and a testament to the love for a dish that has stood the test of time.





For Sam, as well as eating a lot of cawl, his passion for the dish ran alongside another of his interests - hand carved wooden spoons; an equally Welsh tradition and the original tool for eating cawl. With a degree in product design and many years of experience in bringing products to the market, Sam will guide the creative side of the business helping us establish a strong brand that will allow Cawl & CO to stand out and succeed.


As a cook and founder of Y Sied, a cookery school and line of coffee shops right in the heart of the Welsh countryside, Cawl has been a recurring theme in Lisa's life. For this reason, who better to define the Cawl & Co recipe. Lisa has also established many useful relationships throughout her years in business and through her TV and radio appearances that will be critical in reinforcing the brand as well as helping to market the product.

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