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Welsh Ham Cawl is a cherished dish that encapsulates the heartiness and warmth of Welsh home cooking with a twist of rustic charm. Our ‘Wholesome Ham’ Cawl is a hearty dish that features succulent ham as its centrepiece, infusing the broth with a distinctive smokiness that sets it apart. Complemented by a combination of locally sourced leeks, carrots, potatoes, swede, and parsnip.

Distinguished by its careful blend of regional ingredients and time-tested cooking methods, this Cawl embodies the essence of Welsh comfort food. The ham imparts its rich, meaty essence to the broth, creating a deeply satisfying flavour profile.

This flavourful creation not only delights the palate but also honours Wales' agricultural heritage. Grounded in a dedication to locally sourced ingredients, it embodies a profound connection to the land and a commitment to sustainable, seasonal dining. Whether savoured as a cosy family dinner or a festive indulgence, the 'Wholesome Ham' Cawl encapsulates the essence of Welsh culinary tradition. Each spoonful invites you on a taste journey through intricate layers of flavour, providing a comforting experience that transcends generations.

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