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Our ‘No Bone Barley’ Cawl is a vegetarian take on a traditional Cawl recipe. At the heart of this dish is barley, a versatile grain that adds a unique texture and nutty flavour to the broth. The soup features a medley of vegetables, including leeks, carrots, potatoes, swede and parsnip; creating a wholesome and filling meal.

What sets ‘No Bone Barley’ cawl apart is the careful combination of locally sourced ingredients and the time-honoured cooking methods. The slow simmering of the ingredients allows the flavours to meld, creating a rich and savoury broth. The barley, known for its ability to absorb the essence of the ingredients around it, contributes a satisfying thickness to the soup.

This dish not only serves as a warm and comforting meal during the colder months but also reflects the agricultural traditions of Wales. The reliance on locally grown produce showcases a connection to the land and a commitment to sustainable and seasonal eating. Whether enjoyed as a family meal or conveniently heated for a warming midday lunch break, Welsh barley cawl embodies the spirit of Welsh culinary heritage.

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